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American Ecofascism Past, Present, and in the Coming Climate Crisis
The devaluing of human life—particularly of populations seen as inferior—in order to protect the environment viewed as essential to White identity is at the core of Far Right environmentalism and ecofascist thought.

Secondary features

Spring/Summer 2021 Webinar Series
In the wake of four years of far-right populist governance culminating in a violent insurrection, PRA is holding steady in the knowledge that it's not over yet. Join PRA for a five-part webinar series as we evaluate the state of the Right.
Riders on horseback overlook Oceti Sakowin Camp occupied by Standing Rock protesters.
Calls to treat environmental defenders like terrorists enable more surveillance and violence, putting activists at risk while protecting those profiting from ecological destruction.


Survivors' Village at St. Bernard Projects, New Orleans.
The storm waters may have receded, but as Darwin BondGraham wrote for us five years ago, the tidal wave of Economic Right policies has yet to retreat.


Gender and Reproductive Justice
An Ohio state legislator may have leaked a new set of anti-trans “principles” endorsed by three major anti-LGBT organizations.
An as-of-yet unpublished new set of principles appear to consolidate Christian Right anti-LGBT advocacy into a single document with huge repercussions for LGBT children.
Pro-Trump mob assembled in front of the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 (Credit: Blink O'fanaye/Flickr).
The relative quiet in the wake of the election lulled many to a sense of security. Yet, White supremacist and “Patriot” militia organizing often surges when these movements lose ground in the electoral arena, shifting emphasis from ballot to bullet.