Main feature

Mapping The Electoral Far Right in the 2022 Elections
PRA has developed an interactive map to identify 274 candidates in the 2022 midterm election cycle who represent a definable Electoral Far Right, the insurrectionist edge of American politics.

Secondary features

A PRA Roundtable
This discussion focuses on why using the term "hate", as in hate crimes or hate groups, moves away from looking at oppression as systemic.
PRA State of the Right Report
The first anniversary of the Capitol storming is an occasion to take stock of the robust current state of America’s insurrectionist, anti-democratic factions, those that would sooner dispense with democracy altogether than lose their hold on power.
A Reporter’s Guide to the New Apostolic Reformation
Popular media has ignored the influence of the New Apostolic Reformation, even denying its existence.
Mapping a QAnon Lockdown Network
The potency of QAnon, relative to other conspiracy theories, lies in its crowd-sourced character, lightning fast diffusion, and mainstreaming in the Republican party.
In Wake of Biden Victory, White Nationalists and MAGA Mobs March in DC
The Million MAGA March organized in Washington, DC on November 14, 2020 demonstrated the Right's willingness to embrace Trump's far-right base, a trend we may see in the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day and beyond.