For Movement Strategists

We take the long-view, informing resistance strategies by focusing on interrelated anti-democratic movements, trends, and leaders—not just in periods of immediate increased threat, but also when right-wing organizing is less visible.

Our research is accountable to social justice movements and communities most directly targeted by these threats.

PRA works behind the scenes to leverage our expertise by engaging directly with movement strategists. We offer trainings for social justice actors on how to identify and combat threats from the Right. PRA consults with community groups directly targeted by far-right actors in need of rapid response trainings; movement-facing field builders requesting research to support communities in security and organizing responses; and media-savvy digital organizers in need of political education to shape their large-scale organizing efforts.

Through these interventions, PRA:

  1. Improves the efficacy of social justice strategies by helping groups identify and assess potential threats,
  2. Actively co-develops strategies to block antidemocratic forces, and
  3. Creates frameworks that support long-term power-building for a more robust democratic movement.

To inquire directly about how PRA can aid your organizing work, email

The word "RESIST" in capital letters

Guides, Maps, and Explainers

101: Christian Zionism
Christian Zionism comprises several authoritarian movements, and collectively forms the largest political base of support for Israel in U.S.
An orange gradient background with the words "101 Countering Violent Extremism"
Countering Violent Extremism has been lauded by some academics, politicians and activists, but targets communities harmed by the War on Terror.
101: Abortion Abolitionists
A militant wing of the anti-abortion movement has long looked to the 19th century anti-slavery abolitionists for inspiration and guidance, organizing under the banner of "abortion abolitionists"
a patterned orange gradient image that says Glossary
PRA's glossary of terms.
101: Dominionism
Dominionism is one of the most significant ideological forces in the U.S. This theological idea has been gathering strength for a half century and is transforming conservative evangelical Christianity into political movements that are driving politics.
101: Far-Right Sheriffs
Sheriffs offices are a key recruiting ground for far-right movements. This 101 breaks down the "who" and the "what" of far-right sheriffs with at-a-glance background information.
201: Combating Anti-Transgender Disinformation
Part 2 in a series, this resource explains strategies to combat anti-transgender mis- and disinformation.
101: Anti-LGBTQ Organizing
Anti-LGBTQ advocacy is woven into nearly every sector of the contemporary U.S. Right. This 101 breaks down the "who" and the "what" of anti-LGBTQ organizing with at-a-glance background information.
As the U.S. engages in a long overdue national conversation on law enforcement’s role in upholding White supremacy, PRA has mapped the significant influence of far-right and anti-immigrant networks on county sheriffs.
A group of protesters illustrated.
Animated video explainers of PRA's work.
To keep our movements safe, we all need to better understand who these paramilitaries are, what threats they pose, and what to do when they are present.
A protester holding a sign that says Black Lives Matter
PRA offers context for the horrific act of violence committed on May 14, 2022 through an examination of the central tenets of contemporary White nationalism.
A resource listing the current pro-choice and reproductive justice elements of organized religion in the United States.
Updated 10.27.21: PRA and Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) have created a map as a resource for activists, journalists and researchers, to place the threat of the far-right showing up at racial justice protests.
White man on stage with hand raised smiling, you can see the letters "ESANTIS" projected behind him.
PRA has updated our interactive map of the 155 candidates in the 2022 midterm election cycle who appeared on the general election ballot and who represent a definable Electoral Far Right, the insurrectionist edge of American politics.

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