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What does reproductive justice truly mean, and what do we need to do, going forward, while the Right works together to suppress reproductive rights.

Secondary features

In front of SCOTUS during March for Life Rally. January 22, 2016
During the 1990s, the anti-abortion movement advocated for incremental policies that made abortion increasingly difficult to access. Since 2017, the movement has pivoted to launching a direct legislative assault in the states aimed at Roe.
An exploration of how prochoice religious communities can build influence as U.S. courts are poised to take away reproductive freedom.
Ornate interior of the Senate Chambers for the state of Michigan lawmakers at the capitol building in downtown Lansing.
In addition to creating their own favorable political conditions, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce also opened a back door allowing anti-choice organizations to enact abortion bans with little to no public oversight at all.


Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable Discussion
Anti-Sex Work Feminists have a (deadly) listening problem: a problem listening to the people whose lives and livelihoods have been made economically and socially precarious by the state and made subject to daily violence by its carceral arm.


Law Enforcement
A PRA Webinar Series
State police standing in line holding batons.
Through the end of this year, PRA is taking a close look at some of the most pressing and historically-rooted manifestations of state violence and the work of social justice organizers working to dismantle them in a four-part roundtable discussion series.
A 2021 Anniversary Celebration
Join us as we commemorate 4 decades of Fight the Right research and interventions. In the lead up to our November anniversary, submit your PRA story and photos and read some of our timeless pieces #FromTheArchive.