The award-winning The Public Eye quarterly and, the website of its parent organization Political Research Associates, publishes original articles investigating the U.S. Right for our audience of advocates and scholars. We believe that understanding the Right enhances our ability to challenge it and build a more just world.

We look for and commission well-investigated articles and commentary that provide research and analysis in language that is accessible to an educated but general-interest reader. 

Our articles unpack the Right as a movement, including its varied institutions, sectors, and ideologies. We invite you to browse back issues to familiarize yourself with what we do.

We run four types of articles:

  • Commentary: 700 to 1100 words
  • In-depth articles: 3000 to 5000 words
  • Reviews: 700 to 1100 words
  • Eyes Right Blog: 400 to 1000 words

While we accept unsolicited feature-length articles, we prefer to start with a one to two-page article proposal. If you are submitting a completed article, we require it to be sent to us exclusively. Do not send to multiple outlets at once.

Submit articles as a word document or plain txt including a short two-line bio with your email and phone contact information.

Articles, commentaries, and review pitches should be sent to

Editorial Review

While blog submissions receive a quick turnaround, other articles undergo a substantial process of editorial review and editing (including fact checking). Be prepared to do a rewrite. Let us know if there is critical time element to your submission.


Because our articles are research-based, we use endnotes (based on the Chicago Manual of Style) in both our web and print versions. 

A complete style-sheet is available.

Multimedia Submissions

We commission original and re-purposed cover art for Public Eye. We also welcome online video content, photographs, and images that highlight the U.S. Right for This work may have appeared elsewhere.

Submit multimedia content using a private link to an outside service like Flickr or Photographs may be sent as attachments.

  • Videos should not be longer than ten minutes, and should be non-compressed and in .MOV or .FLV format.
  • Photos and images should be suitable for print or web and can be in .PDF, .JPEG, .GIF, .PNG or .TIFF format.
  • Audio files should be in .MOV, .FLV, .MPEG-4 or MP3 format.

To send your submissions to the multimedia editors, email with the link and password information to your work. Please include your name, contact information, a brief bio and proper credits and captions for photos.

Place “Multimedia Submission:” in the subject headline of your email, followed by the title of your work. You must be the sole copyright holder of your submissions, including any images that appear in your videos.