Last update: February 15, 2024

Please note, our organization-wide internship is currently on hiatus, and we are seeking only select interns at this time. We will update this page when our organization-wide internship program opens again.

Since 1981, Political Research Associates (PRA) has produced investigative research and analysis on the U.S. Right to support social justice advocates and defend human rights. Our core issue areas span reproductive justice, LGBTQ rights, racial/immigrant justice, civil liberties, and economic justice.

Interested in joining our team as an intern?

PRA is currently hiring for our Digital Data Collections & Archives Summer 2024 internship. Applications opened on 2/12/24. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply early for full consideration.

Digital Data Collections & Archives Summer 2024 internship - Description and Application


  • Our internship is geared toward: 1) Juniors and seniors in undergrad, and 2) Those who have not pursued university education and are not planning on it, but who have developed a similar level of skill and experience through other means. We will consider other candidates who are otherwise excellent fits, including first and second year undergrad students. Our internship is not appropriate for high school students. 
  • Candidates must have work authorization in the US to be considered for our internship. We are unable to sponsor work visas. 
  • Former candidates have been able to use our internship as part of the requirements for completing a degree. Our internships are 150 hours over the course of 10 weeks. If that is compatible with the requirements for your coursework, we are happy to talk with you further about possible course credit. 
  • We do not accept applications via email. Please apply via Bamboo.
  • If you are interested in more than one internship, please apply for each internship you would like to be considered for. It is ok to re-use some of your application materials, as long as your application speaks to the specific internship you are applying for.

What’s it like to intern with PRA?

“The PRA internship program introduced me to an entire network of dedicated activists, journalists, and researchers focused on an often under-analyzed force in our political landscape - the Right. As a research intern, I had the incredible first-hand opportunity to explore and write about this thorny subject area myself. Along the way, I learned invaluable research techniques and new ways of conceptualizing today’s antidemocratic tendencies, insights which will surely inform my work in the future and shape my political consciousness for a long time to come. I felt completely supported in this endeavor by my lovely mentors at PRA, who went above and beyond to help me grow professionally and connect with other progressive movement-builders. This experience has afforded me the confidence and skills to pursue new projects in organizing, research, and writing to disrupt the status quo and build a more inclusive, just world.” - Natalie Li, Research and Editorial Intern, 2021

“Few internships give you the opportunity to take the lead on projects that are important to you while also providing you resources and support along the way. PRA’s internship program is refreshingly intentional and accommodating to your interests and needs. The mentorship I received was unparalleled in its warmth and generosity. My internship at PRA vastly increased my knowledge and capacity as a student, professional, and activist.” - Ari, Communications Intern, 2020

“My research experience with PRA was unforgettable. Through this internship, I was able to gain valuable research skills while helping the team collect data on how militia groups showed up at Black Lives Matter protests [in the summer of 2020]. At the end of my internship, I saw the data we collected turned into an interactive map! As a PRA intern, your thoughts and contributions will be valued every day as you work alongside respectful, brilliant, and welcoming staff. The staff is exceptionally kind, hardworking, and invested in the growth of their interns. This experience gave me an environment to blossom and gain many new skills. Your work as an intern matters and is critical to the success of projects, and that kind of responsibility and trust is incomparable to other organizations.” - Maya Aga, Research and Editorial Intern, 2020

“Working at PRA shaped my academic, political, and professional goals. I gained experience in rigorous fact-checking and research. Collaborating closely with my supervisor helped me further hone my research and editorial [skills]. PRA staff genuinely respected and valued the interns and created a workplace that felt more like a community.” - Erin, 2019

“My internship at PRA was such an important step for me. The mentorship aspect of the program allowed me to build technical skills related to research, writing, and critical thinking. But the truly special aspect of the program was the opportunity to be in community with a really dynamic group of folks researching the Right with the express purpose of advancing social justice. The conversations that I had with PRA staff expanded my worldview, and showed me the possibilities at the intersection of activism and editorial work. I will hold and draw from this experience in every project that I engage going forward!” - Marshall, Research and Editorial Intern, 2019

“My internship with PRA was fantastic - the program provides you with robust training, essential foundational knowledge on the issues, and great mentorship opportunities. The staff are really welcoming, value your input, and provide critical insight into the complexities of this work. This internship truly gives you the tools to meaningfully contribute to the progressive movement through rigorous research and analysis. It prepared me for roles in progressive comms, research, and campaigns against hate and misinformation, and I regularly refer back to PRA’s expertise to shape my political awareness and how to build successful progressive movements to challenge the Right. This is a really career-defining opportunity!” - Sarah, Research and Editorial Intern, 2019

PRA was the best internship I ever had! I learned so much from all the team, particularly my [supervisor], and I really enjoyed fact-checking as it allowed me to learn a new skill. The people were so nice to work with and the work they’re doing is extremely important.” - Research and Editorial Intern, 2017

“I look back on my time at PRA with gratitude. There I learned about research as service: service to activists, community organizations, and anyone committed to a more just world.” - Allison Puglisi, Research and Editorial Intern, 2017

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