EWU's future: Will the new president restore the diversity programs that were once a vibrant calling card of the university?

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“These are issues we learn about, and grapple with, in our classes and programming. We analyze, as related phenomena, the fact that the U.S. is a global leader in COVID deaths, mass shootings, and ongoing colonial violence. We counter the misinformation and recruitment that leads too many young men to, in the words of Political Research Associates, ‘commit acts of political violence, motivated by White nationalism and misogyny.’ We provide curricula that lead to stronger graduation rates. We raise up the cultures, resilience and knowledge of our diverse communities and nations. In these difficult times, we are working to support those most impacted at EWU, and in our region. For example, we have recently featured programming with local activists and artists based in justice and healing.”

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We are the directors of the American Indian Studies and the Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) programs at Eastern Washington University. We are reeling at the latest racist mass shootings and all of the current attacks on bodily autonomy