Tucker Carlson with Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban

“Ben Lorber, a research analyst at Political Research Associates, told FAIR:

Carlson’s affinity for Orbán borders on self-caricature. The two leaders have perfected an illiberal and anti-democratic style of demagoguery centered around the scapegoating and demonization of immigrants, refugees and other maligned “others” in pursuit of their ultranationalist agenda.

Whether from a Fox newsroom in the USA or from the halls of power in Hungary, Carlson and Orbán inflame the race and gender-based grievances of millions of followers, offering a world in which conspiracy theory is substituted for reality, democratic norms and institutions are delegitimized, and vulnerable minorities are stripped of human rights and singled out for acts of bigotry, political persecution and worse.

Growing transnational alliances between far-right leaders such as these further threaten the already tenuous fabric of multiracial democracy around the world.”

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