Kanye West and the Myth of a New Antisemitism

a screenshot of the jew school

“As journalist Ben Lorber writes for Political Research Associates, there has been a rise in non-white spokespeople for far-right movements [politicalresearch.org], including the Afro-Cuban leader of the Proud Boys Enrique Tarrio and Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander.  As Lorber observed on Twitter, “when non-white conservatives take the lead saying things like ‘white lives matter’ ” it helps ‘embolden whites’ and eases their fear of being defamed as ‘white nationalists.’”

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The harm done by figures such as West is thus not to chuff Jews off to Auschwitz or subject them to mass incarceration. The harm of antisemitism is to sow disunity, fear, acrimony among progressives and to further mystify the actual forces of power.