Screenshot of The New Republic

”’We are continuing to pretend our enemy is an anonymous, amorphous blob of people who inexplicably hate trans people, when it’s been the same people opposing queer justice (and feminism, and abortion, and voting rights, and comprehensive health care) for decades,’ Heron Greenesmith, senior research analyst with Political Research Associates, wrote me this week. ‘Literally the same peopleAlan Sears [ADF founder], Tony Perkins [Family Research Council president], James Dobson [Focus on the Family founder]Michael Farris [ADF CEO].’

Hate itself is a kind of cover. ‘At PRA, we’re moving away from hate framework, because it doesn’t describe what these organizations are doing, and it doesn’t help describe their power,’ Heron Greenesmith told me. ‘And it allows people to excuse themselves, ‘I don’t hate trans people,’ when what we are talking about is, ‘Is this organization perpetuating misinformation about trans people that perpetuates state and interpersonal violence against trans people?’’”

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