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“Exodus Cry has followed a similar trajectory to such groups. It appears to have been incubated in IHOPKC, the Christian ministry led by pastor Mike Bickle, a dominionist, believing, as Political Research Associates describes it, that ‘God has called conservative Christians to exercise dominion over society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.’ The group’s tax filings, as reported by OpenDemocracy, have Exodus Cry listed as a “related tax-exempt organization.”

“The films are one part of a religious right media strategy to reframe conservative ideas of sexual purity as something progressive and fresh, connected to issues like sex and consent, ones young activists are already concerned with. It is a smokescreen. ‘The fundamental concern for these organizations isn’t healthy sexuality,’ Cole Parke at Political Research Associates told a reporter in 2018, as the Exodus Cry film Liberated was gaining broader attention. It’s ‘control … adherence and obedience to a Christian fundamentalist worldview, which limits sexuality to the confines of married heterosexual unions.’”

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