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“All of this ‘strategic display of irreverence’ serves a purpose, according to Ben Lorber, a research analyst at Political Research Associates who has followed Fuentes’ rise for the last several years. ‘Fuentes’ uses of open antisemitism, racial slurs, virulent misogyny and other offensive rhetoric serves as red meat for his base of alienated, terminally online young men who relish this type of content across the digital groyper ecosystem,’ said Lorber. ‘This transgressive posture has remained popular across the right since the Trump presidency, forcing figures like Fuentes to say increasingly more shocking things in order to appear edgier than the rest.’”

“It’s also, as Lorber wrote in a piece last month, part of Fuentes’ self-described goal to use his movement to ‘keep pushing’ conservatives “further,” with his groypers increasingly pulling the rest of the movement toward their formerly unpalatable positions.”

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