In our cover story, "Trump’s 'Second Amendment People'?," PRA Associate Fellow Spencer Sunshine considers how recent evolutions within the Patriot movement may have implications for the post-campaign reality. For our commentary this issue, “The Transformation of a Goldwater Girl," author and activist Kay Whitlock digs into her past as a young Right Winger living in a blue-collar Colorado town, to examine what the possibilities of political change mean in the Trump era. In “International Backlash: The Religious Right at the UN," contributor Peter Montgomery charts the daily assaults led by right-wing activists against LGBTQ equality at the level of international diplomacy. Lastly, Alex DiBranco writes, in “Whole Woman’s Health’s Unexpected Win for Science” that a aside from protecting reproductive rights, Whole Woman’s Health “breathes meaning back into science and cracks the foundation of this right-wing strategy.”