The "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville this past August didn’t arise overnight. Rather, it was designed, over months, to be the largest gathering of its kind in at least a decade. Several weeks earlier, many of the same activists gathered in Tennessee, at the 27th American Renaissance conference. Our reporter, Donna Minkowitz, was in attendance, and writes how venues like AmRen helps lay the groundwork for more overt racist demonstrations elsewhere. In an online exclusive, writer Shane Burley delves into the fissures in the Alt Right/Alt Light coalition that predated and helped lead to the deadly rally in Charlottesville. In addition to resurgent White nationalism, an equally unsettling movement has been building more quietly around the call for a Convention of States that could radically rewrite the U.S. Constitution, as Peter Montgomery reports. Amid these broader battles, the Right continues to chip away at reproductive health care. Scholar Diane Paul looks at the emergence of an anti-abortion “regulatory moment” around pre-natal testing that uses disability rights rhetoric to ban more abortions.