Sociologist and former civilian intelligence analyst James Scaminaci takes a close look at “Fourth Generation Warfare," a fusion of military theory and the Christian Right agenda that seeks to undermine the public’s confidence not just in the government and media, but in a commonly-accepted reality itself. In an exclusive excerpt from the provocative new book, Democracy in Chains, Duke University historian Nancy MacLean examines the intellectual legacy of conservative economist James Buchanan, and how it influenced a generation of right-wing activists. A longtime civil rights strategist Eric Ward writes in “Skin in the Game" about how antisemitism remains the driving force of White nationalism. Professor and writer Aaron Barlow's “The Triumph of the Lie” is a meditation on how political lying has perhaps found its zenith in the Trump era. “Captive Audience," by Tanya Erzen, looks at how conservative Christian prison ministries continue to create a two-tiered caste system within the corrections industry even while paying lip service to ideas of criminal justice reform.