Ahead of 2024, Republican politicians are appearing on the Victory Channel’s FlashPoint, a show helmed by Christian nationalist “prophets” who warn of “demonic influence”

screenshot of Media Matters

Copeland is a proponent of “dominionism,” which asserts that Christians have been called by God to impose [politicalresearch.org] fundamentalist values on every aspect of society. He also has a history of hateful anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, such as conflating being gay with “murder” and “stealing.”

Ahead of the 2024 elections, right-wing media figures and Republican politicians have created a dangerous political atmosphere by adopting apocalyptic language about ‘demonic’ influence and ‘spiritual war,’ framing that stems from an increasingly [politicalresearch.org] influential right-wing Christian movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation. For years, the NAR movement has promoted a form of dominionism and sought to impose fundamentalist Christian values ‘over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus.’ In a profile of one of the movement’s leading figures, ‘prophet’ and FlashPoint commentator Lance Wallnau, Rolling Stone described the NAR belief that political enemies are literal ‘demons’ engaged in a ‘spiritual war’ ”

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