Amid scandal over Turning Point USA’s spending, Charlie Kirk is under fire from the right

screenshot of Media Matters

“This is par for the course for Kirk — a Christian nationalist with a record [] of relying on antisemitic tropes in his public comments and the founder of Turning Point USA, an organization with racist and white nationalist ties where a top staffer once said the organization only banned an antisemitic YouTuber from an event because of “the optics.” In 2019, TPUSA cut ties with its brand ambassador after she was photographed with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. In 2022, a TPUSA chapter invited two acolytes of Fuentes’ to be featured event speakers. And Kirk himself frequently praises right-wing governments in Israel even as he smears “liberal Jews” in the United States, illustrating how antisemitic Zionism permeates conservative discourse.”

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