Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA is increasingly leaning into right-wing Christian fundamentalism

screenshot of TPUSA

TPUSA Faith was launched in 2021, with a Turning Point spokesperson saying that ‘it was a no-brainer to recreate’ the TPUSA model of activism for the faith community. Kirk has depicted the country as engaged in a ‘spiritual battle,’ and this latest initiative seeks to win that supposed battle by restoring ‘America’s biblical values.’ After Kirk partnered with extreme pastors and religious right leaders, some observers noted that TPUSA has increasingly grounded its mission [] in ‘the theology of Christian nationalism’ and religious fundamentalism.”

“Kirk has closely associated with high-profile members of the Christian nationalist “dominionist” movement [], which asserts that Christians have been called to exert God’s will on society. Lance Wallnau, a self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ and ‘Christian nationalist’ who has been dubbed the ‘father of American Dominionism,’ popularized the ‘quasi-biblical blueprint for theocracy’ that is at the heart of dominionism called the ‘Seven Mountain Mandate.’”

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