Cracks on the road to Christian Dominion: Is the shadowy "City Elders" group collapsing?

screenshot of Salon

Written by PRA’s Fred Clarkson.

“Rodgers’ role in politics seems to have originated with his role as the state representative of Watchmen on the Wall, a project of the Family Research Council,  which organizes thousands of clergy to pray for the nation. The Washington-based FRC has been the leading Christian right political organization since the mid-1980s, and its 40 state political affiliates [] play important political and policy roles in their respective state capitals.”

“It’s not that simple. The idea of ‘taking dominion’ has been well developed over many decades, most prominently by the late Apostle C. Peter Wagner, whose 2008 book ‘Dominion: How Kingdom Action Can Change the World’ made the case for taking societal dominion by conquering the “seven mountains of culture,” [] meaning government, family, religion, education, business, arts & entertainment, and media. His meaning is unambiguous.”

“Jacobs, like others on the Christian far right, is willing to own being a Christian nationalist. (For some, it’s good branding.) Like Garlow, however, she sounded defensive about the vision of religious and political dominion she and her movement seek, saying that Dominionism [] ‘has got to be one of the most controversial words from the Bible,” but adding, “the Bible does say at the very beginning… we are to take Dominion.’”

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