The Growing Jewish Resistance to Israel’s War on Palestine

screenshot of In These Times

“New York Mayor Eric Adams has slammed pro-Palestinian activists and organizers, including the New York City chapter of DSA, as being anti-Semitic. Adams accused DSA members of ​’carrying swastikas and calling for the extermination of Jewish people,’ even though there’s been no proof whatsoever of that charge. (The chapter did post on social media about a pro-Palestine rally on Oct. 8 where a swastika was reportedly seen, but otherwise had no involvement in it.) A recent exposé by Political Research Associates [] also revealed the disturbing phenomena of neonazis and white supremacists showing up to pro-Palestine rallies aiming to sow further division, yet politicians like Adams and Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) cast DSA as a hate group while letting white supremacists, a major threat to our safety, skate by largely unnoticed. While some members have publicly clashed with DSA over its position on the conflict, many other members are doubling down on their support for Palestinian rights, including many Jewish members.”

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