A Peter Thiel-Linked Startup Is Courting New York Scenesters and Plotting a Libertarian Paradise

screenshots of Mother Jones

“Brown’s appreciation of the far-right extended to other figures—and even his staffing decisions. Brown hired ex-Breitbart writer Mike Mahoney [politicalresearch.org], a one-time member of alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos’ entourage, for an advisory role at Praxis. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hannah Gais describes Mahoney as “a central figure among some online white power accelerationist communities”—referencing his and his fans’ belief that racial conflict is desirable and should be hastened by acts of violence. Antifacist activists have chronicled his history of Holocaust denial and racist posting. Under the pen name ‘Mike Ma,’ he has published novels extolling racism and sexism and featuring vivid descriptions of violence, including scenes of a leftist woman being curb-stomped and a mass shooting at a gay club. (Mahoney did not respond to a request to comment.)”

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