A Pizzagate in Every City

A screenshot of The New Republic

“The confrontation at Mr. Misster on Saturday attracted assorted far-right personalities who starred in and produced their own videos. Some of them have already been the subject of researchers like Ben Lorber at Political Research Associates and journalist David Neiwert. John Doyle, who yelled about rape at children through a megaphone, has organized a Stop the Steal rally with Nick Fuentes, was a special guest at the white nationalist America First PAC conference in 2022, and is a leader in a group called the American Populist Union; he was in attendance at its 2021 event billed as “Hitler Youth, Without the Hitler.” (Kyle Rittenhouse says he is a Doyle fan.) Alex Stein was one of the men trying to get inside while yelling, “They’re going to groom a bunch of children!” and recording himself. Dubbed a “QAnon stunt troll” by D magazine, Stein is most known for videos of him trying to rap at municipal meetings and his appearances on Tucker Carlson’s show.”

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