The postliberal crackup: The GOP’s post-midterm civil war starts with the New Right

Screenshot of Salon

“For Hazony, the primary issue was about how conservatives understand China, the rising superpower that NatCons see as America’s No. 1 rival. Their conference had banned all speakers who are “pro-Xi, pro-Putin, racists or antisemites,” although that standard seems malleable at times. (As Political Research Associates’ Ben Lorber reported, this year’s NatCon included a meditation on the viciously xenophobic French novel “Camp of the Saints,” approving mention of antisemitic Action Française leader Charles Maurras and an address by a former Trump speechwriter fired for alleged ties to white nationalists.) But some integralists, Hazony charged, had “always had a soft spot for dictatorship, for imperialism and for China,” and in recent months that had become impossible to ignore, as members of the movement wrote articles praising China’s government or culture.”

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