Right-wing media figures defending Uganda's anti-gay law are connected to organizations that helped inspire it

screenshot of Media Matters

“The American Center for Law and Justice functions as ‘the key organization involved in ensuring African constitutions and laws criminalize homosexuality,’ and it has been one of the most influential organizations in pushing anti-LGBTQ rhetoric on African countries. As detailed [politicalresearch.org] by researcher Kapya John Kaoma, ACLJ hires local staff in African nations, allowing them to ‘hide an American-based agenda behind African faces, giving the Christian Right room to attack gender justice and LGBTQ rights as a neocolonial enterprise imposed on Africans and obstructing meaningful critique of the U.S. Right’s activities.’ ACLJ has also recently represented the Heritage Foundation in federal court. ACLJ’s chief counsel, Jay Sekulow, also happens to be the lawyer who represented Trump during the Senate impeachment trial.”

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