The Right’s Anti-Israel Insurgents

Screenshot of Jewish Currents

A small minority on the far right wholeheartedly backs the Palestine solidarity rallies sweeping the nation. Apart from those who see Israel as a model and dream of “white Zionism,” the white nationalist movement has long been mostly anti-Zionist, typically seeing Israel as a front for Jewish world domination. White nationalist groups like National Justice Party have brought “no more Jewish wars” and “no white lives for Israel” signs to protests, where they have been quickly rebuffed [] by activists. More commonly, radical rightists of various political stripes have spread anti-Zionist antisemitism on social media, and some, like self-described “MAGA Communist” Jackson Hinkle, or ultra-misogynist influencer Andrew Tate, have rapidly amassed millions of followers from across the political spectrum who are drawn to their criticism of Israel. While many leftists caution against following their accounts, their anti-Zionism has served as a gateway to introduce some followers to a range of nationalist, anti-LGBTQ, and conspiracist politics.”

“This could become dizzying terrain for a pro-Palestine left accustomed to acting as a lone voice in the wilderness, arrayed against an ironclad bipartisan pro-Israel establishment. But it wouldn’t be the first time progressives have confronted what the writer Naomi Klein calls a “doppelganger” of sorts on the far right, with figures co-opting popular anti-establishment insurgency to support a reactionary and repressive agenda. During the Occupy movement, for example, far-right actors voiced enthusiasm [] for protestors’ critique of finance capital. Their actual attempts at on-the-ground entryism remained sporadic, and were usually rebuffed by diligent activists unwilling to allow neo-Nazis into encampments; still, it wasn’t hard to find conspiracy theories about nefarious many-tentacled banking cabals circulating in Occupy spaces, and more than a few activists radicalized by these rabbit holes would continue down the libertarian-to-alt-right pipeline.

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