Trump's mobilizing his "prayer warriors": Religion scholar on what MAGA means by "spiritual warfare"

Screenshot of Salon

For Wagner, this sort of eschatological outlook “fits Dominion Theology like a glove.” A good definition of dominionism [] is one by Frederick Clarkson, senior researcher at Political Research Associates. Dominionism “is the theocratic idea that Christians are called by God to exercise dominion over every aspect of society by taking control of political and cultural institutions.” For me, evangelical Trump supporters hold to “dominion” as their political theology of power. Now for Christians to exercise “dominion,” they need to be mobilized to action. This is the purpose of the “7 Mountain Mandate,” a marketing strategy popularized (but not invented) by Lance Wallnau, a Pentecostal Christian businessman, regarded as a prophet, an apostle, and a teacher, to mobilize Christians into action and occupy top roles in the spheres (or mountains) of government, education, business, family, arts & entertainment, media, and religion. Dominion will be implemented, when “kingdom-minded” Christians are positioned at the head of these cultural mountains.”

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