This Week In Fascism #131: Homeland Security Cops Counseled J6 Rioters On Anarchists; Multiple Men Say ‘Straight Pride’ MC Is Sexual Predator

screenshot of Its going down

“The Groyper aligned American Populist Union (APU) has now rebranded as American Virtue in an effort to gain more currently with Republicans. As Political Research Associates wrote:

‘From its beginnings, American Virtue has strained to distance itself from White nationalist Nick Fuentes and his Gen-Z America First/groyper movement. They have attempted this by toning down overtly racist, male supremacist, and antisemitic rhetoric in a bid for mainstream conservative respectability, even as they mimicked many aspects of groyper ideology and style. At the “State of the Movement” launch, however, multiple speakers and attendees held deep connections to the groypers. The event’s technical lead, Simon Dickerman, was a longtime White nationalist with close ties to alt-right figures such as Richard Spencer, Identity Evropa, and the 2017 Unite the Right rally, as well as to Fuentes and the groypers.’”

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