Main feature

Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable
Watch the roundtable discussion on sex and relationships education and strategies to stop the Right from dismantling the right to education.

Secondary features

Anti-abortion Politics in the Americas
The Christian Right is using a new tactic to deny the international right to abortion: sovereignty.
Enduring the End of Roe and Thwarting an Accelerated Push Toward Authoritarianism
The U.S. Supreme Court decided that for now, bodily autonomy is not a protected freedom. We are faced with an urgent call to action.
Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable Discussion
Anti-Sex Work Feminists have a (deadly) listening problem: a problem listening to the people whose lives and livelihoods have been made economically and socially precarious by the state and made subject to daily violence by its carceral arm.
Christian Homeschooling and R.J. Rushdoony’s Legacy in the Age of COVID
COVID-19 increased the number of parents considering homeschooling. Heacock examines how the Christian Right has used homeschooling to further their dominionist agenda, while also pushing their agenda in public schools.