Main feature

Enduring the End of Roe and Thwarting an Accelerated Push Toward Authoritarianism
The U.S. Supreme Court decided that for now, bodily autonomy is not a protected freedom. We are faced with an urgent call to action.

Secondary features

An exploration of how prochoice religious communities can build influence as U.S. courts are poised to take away reproductive freedom.
This excerpt of a roundtable discussion on reproductive justice looks at the intersectionality of the reproductive justice movement, and the collaboration between other right-wing movements and anti-abortionists.
Where We Are Today
The Right has been using three main approaches to their anti-abortion strategies: fetus-centered, woman-centered, and third-party protections. The Right has used these strategies to attempt to pass bills to restrict reproductive care across the country.
Anti-Abortion “Abolitionists” Go to City Hall
In states across the country, anti-abortion activists co-opting the legacy of both anti-slavery activists and the immigrants’ rights movement are lobbying for municipal and county-level ordinances that purport to criminalize abortion locally.