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An exploration of how prochoice religious communities can build influence as U.S. courts are poised to take away reproductive freedom.

Secondary features

A resource listing the current pro-choice and reproductive justice elements of organized religion in the United States.
Three women holding signs that say "We march for Woomen's Health."
This excerpt of a roundtable discussion on reproductive justice looks at the intersectionality of the reproductive justice movement, and the collaboration between other right-wing movements and anti-abortionists.


Where We Are Today
White women protesting, holding circular signs that say "Keep Abortion Legal"
The Right has been using three main approaches to their anti-abortion strategies: fetus-centered, woman-centered, and third-party protections. The Right has used these strategies to attempt to pass bills to restrict reproductive care across the country.


Anti-Abortion “Abolitionists” Go to City Hall
In states across the country, anti-abortion activists co-opting the legacy of both anti-slavery activists and the immigrants’ rights movement are lobbying for municipal and county-level ordinances that purport to criminalize abortion locally.