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Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable Discussion
From a deeply-rooted historical analysis through to the sharp decline into precarity under neoliberalism to pandemic-induced unemployment, we traced the ways in which the capitalist class keep Americans poised on the precipice of ruin and isolation.

Secondary features

A 2021 Anniversary Celebration
Join us as we commemorate 4 decades of Fight the Right research and interventions. In the lead up to our November anniversary, submit your PRA story and photos and read some of our timeless pieces #FromTheArchive.


Challenging the Policing Paradigm Rooted in Right-Wing “Folk Wisdom”
Regrouping for day 3 of the week of outrage surrounding the denial of justice for Eric Garner on December 10, 2016
Broken windows policing is not only all too often lethal, it also contributes to the use of excessive and illegal force in the context of the most mundane police encounters.
Far-right Christian movements in Washington State reveal the troubling and growing intersections of the New Apostolic Reformation, Dominionism, Abortion Abolitionism, and the Patriot Movement, exemplified by participation in the January 6 Insurrection.


Where We Are Today
White women protesting, holding circular signs that say "Keep Abortion Legal"
The Right has been using three main approaches to their anti-abortion strategies: fetus-centered, woman-centered, and third-party protections. The Right has used these strategies to attempt to pass bills to restrict reproductive care across the country.


Anti-Abortion “Abolitionists” Go to City Hall
In states across the country, anti-abortion activists co-opting the legacy of both anti-slavery activists and the immigrants’ rights movement are lobbying for municipal and county-level ordinances that purport to criminalize abortion locally.
Spring/Summer 2021 Webinar Series
In the wake of four years of far-right populist governance culminating in a violent insurrection, PRA is holding steady in the knowledge that it's not over yet. Join PRA for a five-part webinar series as we evaluate the state of the Right.