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Christian Zionism is by far the largest movement supporting authoritarian policies in the Israeli government outside of Israel, and an essential bloc within the larger U.S. Christian Right.

Secondary features

Christian Zionism, Christian Nationalism, and the Threat to Democracy
Today, we see explicitly Christian Zionist organizations and megachurch pastors working with high administration officials such as Mike Pompeo, to justify expanding support for a right-wing, authoritarian Israeli government as the fulfillment of prophecy.
The obsessive “philosemitism” of Christian Zionists is tied to a view of the end times that determines how they should “support” Jews and Israel in fulfilling prophecy. And this obsession has a history of turning ugly.
Dominionism is one of the most significant ideological forces in the U.S. This theological idea has been gathering strength for a half century and is transforming conservative evangelical Christianity into political movements that are driving politics.
A militant wing of the anti-abortion movement has long looked to the 19th century anti-slavery abolitionists for inspiration and guidance, organizing under the banner of "abortion abolitionists"
Inform Your Resistance Season 1: Episode 4
Listen to this episode of Inform Your Resistance where Dr. Chrissy Stroop peels back the layers of Christian dominionism, and explains how this ideology is deeply woven into the fabric of Christian homeschooling.