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Anti-LGBTQ Organizing 201
Part 2 in a series, this resource explains strategies to combat anti-transgender mis- and disinformation.

Secondary features

Anti-LGBTQ advocacy is woven into nearly every sector of the contemporary U.S. Right. This 101 breaks down the "who" and the "what" of anti-LGBTQ organizing with at-a-glance background information.
Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable
This briefing laid out what to expect in Anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in 2023, and strategies to combat it.
Watch Now: A briefing from PRA
PRA convened a panel of leading analysts and practitioners preparing for the next year in this historic fight for trans justice. Watch the recording today.
How Anti-Trans Feminists Are Complicit in Christian Right Anti-Trans Advocacy
Analysis of advocacy efforts over the past three years by U.S. anti-trans feminists demonstrates the movement's success is limited to its unlikely role as mouthpiece of the Christian Right.