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Political Research Associates is joined by experts to discuss the most significant contemporary threats to democracy from the mainstream and Far Right. Join host Koki Mendis twice a month so that you can inform your resistance in the fight for a just and inclusive democratic society. After all, resisting authoritarianism is just better with friends.

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Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1: Anti-Trans Legislation and Why it's a Feminist Issue with Heron Greenesmith

Episode 2: An International Affair: Hindu Nationalism and the U.S. Right with Prachi Patankar

Episode 3: Male Supremacism: Ideology, Movement, and Political Strategy with Alex DiBranco

Episode 4: Project 2025: The Plan of the Century with Peter Montgomery

Episode 5: From the Archives: Why Are Gen Z Girls Attracted to the Tradwife Lifestyle?

Episode 6: Why You Should Care about the End Times: Christian Zionism & its Outsized Influence on American Policy with Aidan Orly

Episode 7: From the Archives: Total Life Reform

Episode 8: The Organizational Psychology of the Far Right with Shane Burley

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Abortion Abolitionists with Cloee Cooper

Episode 2: Racial Capitalism with Saqib Bhatti

Episode 3: Inside the National Conservatism Movement to Reshape the Right with Ben Lorber

Episode 4: Christian [Home] Schooling and How It Advances the Christian Nationalist Project with Dr. Chrissy Stroop

Episode 5: Distorting the Climate Crisis: Far Right Environmentalism with Alex Amend

Episode 6: Forty Years of Antifascism with Daryle Lamont Jenkins

Episode 7: Worker Power in the Fight Against Authoritarianism, a conversation with PowerSwitch Action's Lauren Jacobs