Far-right activists have a brilliant new strategy: Don't vote!

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“On the other hand, notes Political Research Associates research analyst Ben Lorber, there’s a complicated irony at work when it comes to these far-right activists threatening to withhold their support: That their influence has already spread far and wide within Republican politics, and they themselves may not matter anymore.”

“ ‘Faced with this disappointment,” Lorber said, “Fuentes is doubling down on the insurrectionary, anti-establishment energy” that drove events like the Million MAGA March in December 2020. Now, Lorber continued, “the white nationalist politics Fuentes has long championed have moved mainstream,” while the Republican Party has “little patience for the groyper leader himself.’”

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Alexander joins a handful of far-right activists, including white nationalist leader Nick Fuentes and failed Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who are discouraging their fans and followers from voting as a rebuke to the GOP.