After a brief hiatus, The Public Eye is back with a new issue.

With the theme, “Democracy Under Attack—And How We Fight Back,” this Fall 2023/Winter 2024 double issue of The Public Eye examines antidemocratic forces on the Right and pro-democracy efforts to counter them. Our contributors share insights from movements that are anticipating and contending with threats from the Right while building a more inclusive and just multiracial feminist democracy.

From Project 2025—an “unprecedented collaboration” among former Trump officials and the Right’s legal and political infrastructure that seeks to aggressively “take the reins of government”—to the capture of local counties by far-right militia and sheriffs and the War on Terror’s ongoing legacy of injustice, this issue takes a broad look at the high stakes of organized attacks on democratic government, politics, and culture. In direct contrast, the issue also explores how activists maintained and defended abortion access in local communities subjected to the structural violence of the New Right from the 1970s to 2000s, interventions to disrupt racialized terrorism frameworks, and abolitionist organizers' clear-eyed assessment of the challenges of confronting right-wing violence while building the just world we need now.