In the commentary piece, “The Incel Rebellion,” Alex DiBranco explains how the massacre in Toronto marked the latest development in an organized movement of misogynists who have turned their sense of “aggrieved entitlement”—to women, to power, to wealth—into a deadly weapon. In a new feature article, “The People’s Pope?,” PRA Senior Research Analyst Kapya Kaoma explores how the Vatican has embraced a right-wing perspective on discourse around gender, deriding inclusivity as “gender indoctrination.” Gillian Kane continues the conversation in “Right-Wing Europe’s War on ‘Gender Ideology,’” explaining how the Vatican concocted this term of derision in the mid-1990s as a means of pushing back against women’s and human rights gains at the United Nations. Finally, in “War on the Ivory Tower,” Carolyn Gallaher looks at the increasing coordination of Alt Right attacks on university professors, and, perhaps more importantly, how academic institutions are responding. Also in online-only features, read our recent interviews with authors Kathleen Belew (Bring the War Home) and Elizabeth Gillespie McRae (Mothers of Massive Resistance).