Resisting Far-Right and Anti-immigrant Aligned County Sheriffs: Movements, Resources, and Tools for Action

Siembra NC activists working to unseat Sheriff Terry Johnson
Siembra NC activists working to unseat Sheriff Terry Johnson of Alamance County. Credit: Anthony Crider/Flickr.

PRA has tracked an increasing alliance between local law enforcement and far right, anti-immigrant and paramilitary forces. Well aware that organizers on the ground often encounter threats and intimidation from this alliance, we have compiled a variety of resources and tools for action to inform and inspire resistance.

Resistance Organizing

Asian American Advocacy Fund

Black Male Voter Project

Black Youth Project 100: Reimagining Safety and Security in Our Communities 

Coalition to End Sheriff Violence

Defund the Sheriff (the Album)


La Red/Faith in Action

Mijente: The Role of Sheriffs in Abolishing ICE and Defunding Police

Montana Human Rights Network

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)

North Carolina Statewide Police Accountability Network

Rural Organizing Project

Sheriffs for Trusting Communities

Siembra NC


Western States Center

PRA Resources

Analysis of the Patriot Movement

Sheriffs, Far Right, Anti-Immigrant and Paramilitary forces

Up in Arms: A guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement (with Rural Organizing Project)

Profiles on the Right

Democratic Principles for Antidemocratic Times

Ground Rules and Tips for Challenging the Right

Police, Paramilitaries, and Protests for Racial Justice

Resources from the Field

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy and Far Right Militancy in Law Enforcement (Brennan Center)

Confronting the Demographics of Power: America’s Sheriff (Reflective Democracy Campaign)

Line in the Sand: A radical and growing organization of ‘constitutional sheriffs’ is promoting defiance of federal laws it doesn’t like (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Prosecute Killer Cops Database 

The Power of Sheriffs series (The Appeal)

To Protect and Slur: Inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia (Reveal)

A Paranoid Militia Infiltrating Texas Police is Bent on Rebellion, “Ready to Rise Up” (Ft. Worth Star Telegram)

Extremist Cops: How US Law Enforcement is Failing to Police Itself (The Guardian)

Militia Activity and Other Armed Groups Present at Protests (Bridging Divides Initiative, Princeton)

Addressing the Rise of Unlawful Private Paramilitaries (Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, Georgetown)

My Militia: An American Patriot Network (My Militia)

Tools for Action

Taking on Patriot Movement Talking Points

What to do When the Militia Comes to Town (PDF version, The American Jewish Committee)

How we Make Change is Changing, Part I: Open Source Campaigns for the 21st Century Part I, & Part II (Marisa Franco, B. Loewe, and Tania Unzueta)

How to Beat ICE in Your Hometown? Run for Sheriff (Pacific Standard Magazine)

Activist Who Helped Unseat Arpaio Has Advice on How to Fight Trump (Huffington Post)

North Carolina County Changes Immigration Policy by Voting to Oust its Sheriff (City Lab)

BreakOUT! Vice to ICE Toolkit

Immigrant Defense Project ICE Raids Toolkit

Mijente Community Defense Zone Guide

The Movement for Black Lives Organizing Resources/Downloads

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Southern Movement Assembly Southern Movement Blueprint

Southern Poverty Law Center

Southerners On New Ground