Main feature

The Institutional Policing of Dissent
In this commentary on the state’s use of the “outside agitator” narrative to violently repress progressive movements, Habiba Farh examines how “the powerful choose authoritarian control” to secure their rule over democratic challenges to their legitimacy.

Secondary features

India’s Hindu Supremacist Movement and Its Role in the Transnational Far Right
PRA’s newest partner, Savera: United Against Supremacy, reports on the violent, far-right Hindu supremacist movement behind Modi’s government.
How Russia Revives and Reverses U.S. Cold War Rhetoric
In her commentary, Irina Smolevskaya scrutinizes Putin’s appeal to “traditional family values” as a reversal of U.S. Cold War containment rhetoric appealing to domestic and transnational conservatives alike.
Meena Jagannath and Nikki Thanos set the context for growing authoritarianism on a global stage.
Reframing the 21st Century Border Crisis Narrative
Ethan Fauré discusses U.S. immigration politics and considers how two books, The Case for Open Borders and My Fourth Time We Drowned, challenge “border crisis” narratives.