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It should come as no surprise that President Trump disparages scores of countries while lamenting the lack of European immigrants coming to the U.S., as he reportedly did during a meeting with lawmakers in January 2018.

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Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old senior policy advisor to Trump with no discernible policy experience, developed his right-wing ideology early and has associated himself with white nationalist figures such as Peter Brimelow and Richard Spencer.
Author Q&A with Brendan O'Connor
PRA's Ben Lorber and Ethan Fauré asked O’Connor how he thinks border fascism will evolve under the Biden administration and how progressives can counter these challenges.
Author Q&A with Reece Jones
A Q&A with Reece Jones on his book White Borders, and the close relationship between White supremacy and the anti-immigration movement.
Watch Now: A PRA Roundtable Discussion
Hundreds of elected county sheriffs across the United States, are progressing a nativist anti-immigrant as armed agents of the state working in concert to further support and expand systems of racialized social control and expulsion.