Christian nationalism is on the rise, but it’s difficult to quantify its financial influence in elections

Screenshot of National Center for Business Journalism

“ ‘You are embarking on an impossible task,’ said Frederick Clarkson, a researcher at Political Research Associates who studies Christian nationalism.”

“Clarkson, the researcher at Political Research Associates, said reporters need to define their terms and maintain a consistent application of that definition. Some reporters have opted to use the term ‘extremist’ to avoid labeling groups — but Clarkson said that’s too vague and does not serve readers.

‘There’s no wiggling out of it,’ he said. ‘It’s the biggest failure in American journalism in this area.’”

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The ideology and groups that espouse it aren’t new, but experts say it’s gained popularity since the 2020 election, the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection and the COVID-19 pandemic.